How to Impress Potential Buyers Through Home Staging

How to Impress Potential Buyers Through Home Staging

  • Evelyn Bogema
  • 10/18/22

Home staging is the process of strategically arranging furniture and decor within a house so that the seller is presenting the buyer with a blank slate–one that looks inviting and allows them to imagine their own lives within the home. Homebuyers are drawn in by the small touches that make a house feel full of potential. Staging a home is 50% marketing and 50% common sense. Selling a home is not about luck; it’s about knowing the neighborhood and trusting the professionals to guide a sale in the right direction.

Starting with the basics

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The best place to start with home styling is to understand the basics.

  • Clean every inch of the house. Call a professional to deep clean the home so that every corner and surface is thoroughly cleaned and sparkling.
  • Maintain the landscaping of the yard.
  • Update and repair any worn-down fixtures and utilities. 
  • Remove small clutter from the home and place it in storage. 
  • Rearrange furniture and remove any overly large pieces that dominate the room. 
  • Remove personal photos, collections, and special keepsakes to depersonalize the space. 
  • Clean up the closets and cupboards to display the storage capacity.
  • Use natural light sources whenever possible. 
  • Move all pets and pet supplies out of the house.
  • Repaint all rooms with neutral shades.

These main points only scratch the service of home staging. The following are home presentation tips for specific rooms and important selling areas of a house. Each room serves a purpose, and these tips will help a potential buyer envision what it is like to live in the space.

Present the best first impression

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The first thing a homebuyer sees is the home’s landscaping and outdoor seating areas. Cut the grass, trim the trees and shrubs, lay down fresh mulch, and generally clean up the yard. The next step is to power wash the dirt away if possible. Clean up the patio area and wash the seat cushions of your outdoor furniture. You want to create an inviting space that will entice the potential buyer to sit and have a cup of coffee.

Another approach is to add some ornamental plants to build up a lush, inviting atmosphere. Bonus points for the home seller who goes the extra mile and repaints their front door. A fresh coat of paint goes a long way. Make the house pleasing to the eye, and the buyers will be hooked.

Creating a staged living room

After the neutral shade of paint dries, it’s time to make the living room feel open and bright. Pare out the super unique furniture and the things that clutter up walkways. Keep the flow of the room simple, and take note of these tips that will add a special shine to the room.

  • Use the “rule of three” -- when rearranging the furniture, group it in pods of threes. This creates a pleasing sitting area that encourages togetherness and coziness.

  • Replace the drapes with new ones that match the shade of paint on the walls. This makes the room look larger and even lighter in some cases.

  • Add some potted plants to give the room a natural feel.

  • Highlight sitting areas with colorful throw blankets and throw pillows. The pop of color will keep the room from feeling too sterile. 

Bedroom staging ideas

Make a bedroom as unsentimental as possible. Remove any family heirlooms, organize the closet so it showcases the capacity, and replace the bed linen with a unisex bed-in-a-bag set. Set up a headboard to make the sleeping area more appealing. You want the space to feel relaxing and neutral.

Tips for staging kitchens and dining rooms

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Any real estate agent will tell a client that a modern kitchen is an ace up their sleeve during the showing process. Most people consider a functional and up-to-date kitchen a key amenity in a home.

  • Repair old hinges or repaint cabinet doors
  • Keep countertops clean.
  • Take out the trash, and make sure any offensive odors are covered.
  • Set the dining table with placemats, clean and unclipped dinnerware, flatware, and glassware. The table should look like the buyer is invited to supper. 

Bathroom staging

One of the toughest rooms to de-personalize is the bathroom. On a show day, make sure personal items are out of sight. Declutter medicine cabinets as well. The room should be sparkling and stain-free. Some other tips for the bathroom include:

  • Replace shower curtains
  • Display decorative soaps in a basket on the sink
  • Present clean, rolled, plush bath towels and washcloths

What to do with pets

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Furry friends are wonderful additions to a family, but pet odors will kill a real estate deal. Arrange for the pet to visit a friend or family member or send the pet to a boarding facility. Once the pet is safe and out of the way, note these tips.

  • Take hygiene and feeding items out of rooms until after the showing is over, and make sure that any messes are cleared.
  • Remove litter boxes and cat trees.
  • Hide toys out of sight.
  • Vacuum the carpets to free them of any hair.

Other things to consider

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It’s the small details that will pull a room together. Home stagers need to think like a photographer when they stage a room. These tips will put some extra flair in the house.

  • Create artistic item placement around the house. Place fresh fruit on the counter, and place a small stack of books on an end table
  • Make sure that phone chargers and power cords are hidden out of sight
  • Use candles to create soft lighting
  • Use natural light bulbs to brighten a room
  • Leave lamps on to make the potential buyer feel welcome. 
  • Set out vases of cut flowers to add color and greenery
The final tip is to consider hiring a professional home stager so that you don’t have to stress over the whole process. A home has to sell itself, and at the end of the day, these home staging tips will help all parties involved in a home sale meet all their goals. Hiring the right professionals will always be a smart move.

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