What to Know About Living on a Golf Course

What to Know About Living on a Golf Course

  • Ebbie Bogema
  • 08/17/23

There are all different types of luxury developments on the market, but golf course communities remain a perennial favorite among residential real estate buyers — and investors too. Imagine being able to take a short golf cart ride to your local course, but without having to take your car or leave your development at all. Some lucky residents can practically step from their backyard onto a course. If you’re the type of golfer who wants to live the lifestyle full-time, here’s everything you need to know about living on a golf course.

A golfing community is a boon to property values

While living in a golfing community may seem like a lavish choice, it actually makes sense from an investment perspective as well. This is because you are investing in a property that is not only regulated by a homeowners association (HOA) but also adjacent to a highly attractive amenity. Because your home will always be in a well-maintained neighborhood with built-in access to a course, your home’s value will be well-protected from the fluctuations in value and quality that some neighborhoods see. The popularity of living on a course will vary over time, but it’s a solid long-term investment choice for those seeking a stable neighborhood with luxury amenities. Notably, premiums will be higher on properties with great views of the course.

Different communities have different rules for course access

Not all developments with course access are the same in terms of their membership and fee structures. Some golfing communities have course access or club membership included as part of owning a home in the community. In other developments, there may be separate fees. Essentially, different homes that are located on courses have different types of relationships with those courses. Sometimes it’s an all-inclusive development, and sometimes it’s more or less just a property sitting adjacent to a course. Either way, you’ll still have the same fun, enjoyment, and relaxation of easy access to the green 365 days a year. Still, you’ll want to look into the specifics before you buy.

Things to consider before you buy


Privacy is one concern that some homeowners have when deciding whether or not to live on a course. Depending upon the particular location of a home that is on or adjacent to a course, your home may be more or less visible to golfers passing by. However, many homes are located conveniently close to the green without having too much exposure. You can always improve a home by adding on a fence or a privacy hedge, provided that these renovations are within HOA regulations.

Stray golf balls, broken windows, and safety

When golfing communities and courses are planned, developers may consider the logistics of shielding properties from errant golf balls. However, there is no perfect solution here. If you live directly on or adjacent to a golf course, sooner or later, a stray ball is liable to end up on your property. As with privacy, there are simple and practical solutions that can be applied. Of course, in a typical golfing community, there are also plenty of homes that are out of range of golf balls, either because they are too far away or because they are simply not in the trajectory of any holes. For those homes that are close enough to receive the occasional free golf ball, you can get coverage for that in your homeowner's insurance policy.

The idea of broken windows and other mishaps from stray golf balls has been hyped in the media, due in part to a few interesting court cases over the subject. However, it’s not an issue for many homes. Talk to your agent for details on specific properties.

Light and noise

Golfers know that courses tend to be quiet, tranquil places. However, certain spots in a course are more ideal than others. Some spots on a course will get little to no traffic, while other areas will have a lot of golfers and golf carts going through them. As far as lighting, courses aren’t always lit at night, since golf is generally a daytime sport, so there will probably not be much difference in this regard between one home and another on the same course.


It is best practice whenever you are looking at a property located on a course that you thoroughly survey the area. If you’re taking the time to go look at the home, it’s worthwhile to also take a walk or a drive and see the area around the house. While you’re considering your thoughts on the home, consider its location relative to the course and the surrounding development. Since irregularities in the layout are part of what makes a course unique and challenging, no two experiences of living on a course are exactly alike, even if you could find two identical homes on the same course.

Building on a golf course

If you can’t find your dream home on a course, you can build it. Depending on what’s available on the market when you happen to be looking, you may very well find a premium tract of land right on a course. Buy the land, develop it, and build a home with a view of the turf. Ask your realtor to see what’s available. Especially in a spacious area like Lake of the Ozarks, you can find excellent land plots for development, whether you’re looking for waterfront property, golf club access, or any other amenities you can dream of. You can find land available throughout the area, waiting to become custom Camdenton and Porto Cima homes.

Ready to wake up next to the green?

Living on a golf course is a dream come true for those who love the game, and this is a dream that you can easily fulfill. Ebbie Bogema is an Ozark real estate agent working with the Spouses Selling Houses team to buy and sell some of the area’s best properties. She works throughout Lake of the Ozarks with real estate that includes premier Camdenton, Iberia, and Porto Cima homes. Whether you want to find a great standalone home or live in a lavish golfing community, Ebbie and her team have a listing for you. Contact Ebbie Bogema at Spouses Selling Houses to experience the fun, leisure, and satisfaction of living on a golf course for yourself.

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